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From waste to worth: transforming residual flows for optimal quality.


Managing every step of the process: Agrimass offers total biomass transport and storage solutions for suppliers and customers

Balancing supply with demand

We thrive on the exciting challenge of matching supply with demand in the biomass industry. Imagine a scenario where a thousand tons of corn are available, but a client only requires two hundred tons. Our solution? We strategically store the surplus eight hundred tons. This enables us to systematically deliver the corn in precise amounts required by the client at predetermined times. This scenario is just a glimpse into the ways we collaborate and provide support to our clients.

Beyond simple storage, another critical aspect of our service is ensuring product homogeneity. Take, for instance, corn with varying moisture levels. We meticulously balance these differences, equalizing the moisture content across different batches before combining them. This attention to detail ensures that our clients receive a consistent, high-quality product every time.

At Agrimass, it’s not just about storage and delivery; it’s about adding value at every step, ensuring optimal quality and efficiency in biomass handling.

Sun drying for hassle-free transport

In the world of biomass sourcing and supply, ensuring the right product quality is paramount. A tangible example of this commitment unfolded when we acquired olive residue from a North Arfrican olive oil supplier. Upon receipt, we were confronted with a critical issue; the moisture content of the olive residue exceeded the acceptable threshold, making it unsuitable for efficient transportation via boat. To address this challenge, we employed a crucial process: drying the olive residue under the sun to attain the desired quality level for seamless transport.

When it comes to biomass materials, such as olive residue, the moisture content plays a pivotal role in determining their suitability for various applications. Biomass with excessive moisture poses logistical and quality-related challenges. These include increased weight, which raises transportation costs, and the risk of spoilage, mold growth, or degradation during storage and handling. In our pursuit of optimal quality, we turn to an age-old and environmentally friendly method: sun drying. This technique leverages the power of the sun’s heat and natural airflow to gradually reduce the moisture content of the residue, transforming it into a transport-ready product.

Depacking & Blending

Two critical steps in our supply and demand management process are depacking and blending, which play pivotal roles in ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency. When animal feed pallets arrive at our storage facilities, we unpack them by hand, ensuring that each component is handled with precision and care. This hands on approach minimizes the risk of damage and maintains the integrity of the products.

Before blending begins, we ensure that all components are thoroughly mixed to create a uniform and consistent product. Homogeneity is a cornerstone of our quality assurance efforts, guaranteeing that our biomass products meet the highest standards.

We then blend the products, such as animal feed, into a residue stream tailored to specific requirements. This meticulous blending process ensures that each batch maintains a consistent composition and enables us to deliver superior biomass products to our customers, that are customized to their unique needs.

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