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in Biomass

Join us in discovering new ways to transform waste into renewable energy, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Leading experts in biomass, driven by knowledge, network and innovation

We look beyond conventional waste streams and continually find new ways to convert residual materials from the
agricultural and biochemical industry, into sustainable gases.

Leveraging the capabilities of our internal logistics, legal and R&D departments, bolstered by our extensive network
that merges our collective expertise and experience, we are adept at tackling the most intricate challenges. This
allows us to act quickly and persistently drive innovation for a greener world.

Boost your growth with Agrimass

Our mission is to make the world more efficient and sustainable. Every day, we collaborate closely with our customers and suppliers to develop innovative and enhanced solutions. This is achieved by ensuring transparency within the value chain, delivering top-tier products and services, and consistently pursuing the most environmentally friendly and efficient business processes.


Boost your trade with Agrimass

Innovation, expertise, and a robust global network
are the driving forces behind our exceptional trade.
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Boost your logistics with Agrimass

Powered by expertise, driven by success: your partner in seamless transport, storage, and handling.
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Boost your products with Agrimass

From waste to worth: transforming residual flows for optimal quality.
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More than 15 years of knowledge and experience


Excellent supply chain management across Europe

Product quality

Member of ISCC; the global sustainability certification system

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