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Direct Transport

Streamlining biomass logistics with precision and care

Our approach combines direct transport with strategic indirect trade, ensuring efficient delivery without the need for special treatment or storage of products. Our skilled logistics team is dedicated to overseeing every aspect of the journey, guaranteeing smooth operations from start to finish.

While on the road, we maintain vigilant monitoring of product quality, ensuring that our biomass reaches its destination in optimal condition. Furthermore, our comprehensive service includes meticulous handling of all paperwork, down to the finest detail, to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Trust Agrimass for seamless, reliable, and quality-focused biomass transportation solutions.

Indirect Transport

Comprehensive, efficient, and tailored biomass logistics services, designed to meet every need from storage to delivery.

For each project, our team conducts a thorough inventory and analysis to determine the specific requirements needed to maintain the highest quality from the supplier to the client. We manage the entire transportation process, carefully assessing if any special treatment is necessary to preserve the integrity of the biomass.

In cases of indirect transport, storage becomes a critical factor. Often, clients may not have adequate storage capacity, and that’s where Agrimass steps in. We offer our own state-ofthe-art storage facilities, equipped to handle both liquid and dry bulk products, ensuring that your biomass is stored under optimal conditions. Additionally, our extensive international network allows us to provide local storage solutions, further ensuring the quality and safety of your biomass throughout its journey.

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