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We excel in both direct and indirect biomass solutions, leveraging our extensive network to provide efficient options for your needs.

Direct Trade

Direct paths, pure products, trusted partnerships

Our process is centered on the efficient management of residual flows. We establish a direct line from the supplier to the customer, ensuring these materials are transferred swiftly and effectively. By minimizing the links in the supply chain, we enhance the overall efficiency of the process.

We deal with products like glycerin, corn, and grain byproducts, which retain their original quality without the need for extensive processing or additional care. This straightforward approach eliminates the necessity for ancillary services such as storage, market introduction strategies, or specialized transportation arrangements.

In this collaborative model, we emphasize the importance of back-to-back agreements. Moreover, we place a high priority on establishing explicit and rigorous quality standards. These agreements are instrumental in ensuring that both parties have a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements, thus maintaining a high level of trust and reliability in our partnerships.

Indirect Trade

Explore the added value of Agrimass as your partner

We ensure seamless operations for your biomass needs. If a shipment can’t be received immediately, we provide storage and transshipment solutions. When a product requires processing, we handle it with precision before delivering it to your doorstep.

Our commitment to quality extends to our introduction of new raw materials to the fermentation market, including products like dried cocoa shells and bleaching earth, which undergo extensive analysis and testing in our own research facilities.

From marketing strategies and thorough analysis, to logistics and meticulous legal documentation; rest assured that every aspect of your biomass journey is diligently managed by Agrimass.

New product? This is how we do it!

1. Identification

We conduct a thorough examination of the product, utilizing chemical analysis techniques to assess factors such as methane and CO2 grade, usability, and ultimate value. This comprehensive approach allows us to gain valuable insights into the product’s chemical composition, ensuring its quality and suitability for various applications.

2. Proposal

We engage in collaborative testing of the fermentation process alongside our chosen customers. If the results of this testing phase yield a positive outcome, indicating the successful conversion of biomass into valuable products, we extend an offer to these customers.

3. Implementation

We are launching the new raw material in the biogas market, transforming it into a standard product for fermentation processes. This initiative will positively impact the biogas market by increasing the variety and availability of raw materials, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and growth of the entire sector.

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