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Bioliquid becomes Agrimass: biomass company from Raalte (NL) changes name

As of June 1st, 2023, the biomass company Bioliquid will continue under the name Agrimass. The change in name fits with the growth of the company in Raalte, The Netherlands, which has now become an important player in the sustainable energy market. “Both the market and our ambitions have grown significantly in recent years. Therefore the name Bioliquid no longer reflects where we stand now and our path towards the future”, says Managing Director and CEO Franck Markerink.

Agrimass is active in producing sustainable energy from biomass. However, since its establishment a lot has changed in the world of renewable energy; there is an increasing demand for sustainable products and development opportunities are growing. This presents opportunities and lays the foundation for great ambitions in the management team. “Our strength lies in innovation. We do this by continuously finding ways to introduce products to the market that broaden the value chain and move away from standard products. This provides the market with a good alternative that is economically interesting, contributes to CO2 reduction and has a positive impact on society and the environment,” the passionate CEO continues.

Separation of business activities

With the name change, a new path has been taken. They have split into two entities: Agrimass B.V. for all suppliers and customers of the biomass producer, and Agrimass Logistics B.V.: a new division that will include all logistics partners.

Ivanna Suarez, co-Managing Director and CFO of Agrimass explains: “the new structure allows us to keep our service up-to-date with changes in the market and adapt to the needs of our customers and suppliers. Transparency in the service chain is essential. Among other things, it enables us to provide our customers with the necessary legal certainty and support in accordance with European requirements.”


Agrimass is convinced that the new name contributes to further growth of the company and enable it to better achieve its objectives. One of these ambitious goals is to become the global authority within the biomass industry. Franck explains: “we see that many initiatives are emerging locally, for example through biogas plants that are built and biomass that is extracted locally, but we believe that a global perspective is also needed. To achieve sustainability at a worldwide scale, we must combine our innovative strength and knowledge internationally, and together with our large network of customers, suppliers and partners, we want to contribute more and more to the sustainability of the world.”

Relations of Agrimass can count on the same level of service and loyalty as before. “At the core, not much has changed,” Franck says. Therefore, he concludes with the credo: “a new name, the same service, but with fresh new ambitions.”

More information?

For more information about the name change or about Agrimass and Agrimass Logistics, please contact Franck Markerink or Ivanna Suarez at +31 572 362 000 or

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